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Organikriti’s Organic Millet Collection

Packed with protein, anti-oxidants and nutrients, Organikriti’s millet collection of Foxtail millet, Pearl Millet (Bajra) and Little millet helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels**. 100% Organic and totally gluten free.

Shop Organikriti Millets and celebrate the International Year of the Millets 2023.

**Healthline (Evidence based)

Certifications and standards

Conventional Agriculture contributes 23% to annual GHG emissions*

Conventional farming practices damage the environment by destroying soil health, increasing water pollution, and endangering our health.

Join and support Organikriti farmers in their efforts to offset carbon footprints and thus, create a sustainable agricultural ecosystem and a healthier planet.

Organic farming practices* can combat Climate Change

Organikriti promotes and procures from credible and genuine Organic farmers who use less energy, have a lower carbon footprint, and have been shown to improve soil health and water infiltration.

*Farming Systems Trial Data from Rodale Institute

Switch to sustainably grown Organic products

Choose Organikriti’s fresh Organic food products. Products produced out of love for the planet and its people, versus mass-produced and industrialised groceries. Join the movement towards better health for us and a lower carbon footprint for the environment.

We believe in and promote an equitable farming future for the Indian farmers.