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Millets: Interesting Ways to Cook The Gourmet Of Gluten-Free Food

Millets are the original Indian grain packed with flavour and nutrition. These tiny, round morsels of flavour in yellow, white, grey, or red colours are complex carbs that are naturally gluten-free and have a lower glycemic index– perfect for Weight Watchers, diabetics, PCOS warriors and pretty much anybody who cares about their health and finding options to buy organic grains online.

Back in the day, millets were a staple in Indian kitchens where grandmothers cooked those tiny beads with a mild corn flavour, mouth-watering aroma and as a delicious medicine for the soul. 


Most millets have a long shelf life of 10-12 years in some cases, which means that they would never go spoilt if stored in regular room conditions.     

Because of their relatively small size, millets cook fast and into a lovely light texture that keeps you smacking your lips and full for hours. 

Before you buy organic grains online, let us learn some interesting ways to cook millet perfectly to enhance its flavour and texture.

Different ways of using millet grains in the kitchen

Millets like ragi make a power-packed breakfast in the form of porridge. As a replacement for oats, this meal is the best option to skip your mid-morning slump. Here are different recipes and ways to use millet grains.

millet grains

Use millets to add complex flavour profiles and textures to your favourite recipes by tossing/roasted millet beads (Foxtail, Pearl, or Kodo millets) into cookies, muffins or quick loaves of bread for that extra crunch. You can also thicken your soups using millets or as a base for warm grain salads (Foxtail or Little millet). You can also make fusion recipes to add depth of flavour to every meal.

So REALLY now, how can you cook millets to perfection?

To get the tastiest result, toss it in a skillet before adding any liquid. It will release some of the nutty flavour that spreads around your home with that beautiful nutty aroma of the grain. There are two general ways that you can cook millets. The first will result in a fluffy, whole-grain side dish similar to quinoa, and the second way is to use more water (3 cups instead of 2 cups) that will result in a creamy porridge with a polenta-like consistency — great for breakfasts. 

Stir frequently to bring out a creamy texture free of lumps. This creamy version is fantastic to pour into a bowl to cool and slice as you would polenta or fry into croquettes or savoury squares. 

The water use will depend on the consistency and the choice of the selected recipe.

  • When cooking millet as a replacement for rice or making pulao, you should ensure the grains are fluffy and separate. The recommended ratio of millet to water is 1:2 for best results.
  • If you want the millets to be soft and not grainy or use them to make khichdi, the ratio of millet to water should be 1:3. 
  • If you are cooking pongal or a thick porridge, then the ratio of millet to water should be 1:4.

Where to buy organic grains online?

Now you can buy organic millets online. Organikriti has brought together a wide variety of Indian millets sourced directly from Organic farmers in India. Our millet offering includes organic bajra (pearl millet whole), organic little millet (Sama) and Organic foxtail millet (Kangni). Each millet crop is harvested by farmers using natural and organic farming practices while rotating their crops to keep soil and the resultant grains packed with micronutrients.  

Are you ready to try a tasty bite that is nutritious, healthy, cultural and delicious too?  






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