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Spice Up Your Food with Organic Indian Spices

If you’re bored of your usual food or your taste buds are craving for something new- we’ve got a treat for you. In India, most home spices are used generously on low flame to provide colour and texture while adding an aroma to them that makes your mouth water before the first bite. Every aunt, grandmother and dad has a secret technique to coax the fullest flavour and taste out of each recipe. From souring the original herb to drying and grounding, the right spices for the best flavours take a lot of work.      

History shows India to be one of the richest countries in the world to source organic farm products and exporting spices across the world for their taste and health benefits. In the 21st century, however most households have lost the ability to get fresh, organic spices that are free of preservatives. At Organikriti, we still remember that heady smell of a fresh tadka and we found a way to bring back the goodness of spices.

Ayurveda says food is medicine. Using the right combination of spices and flavours helps balance your bodily functions and avoid ailments and lifestyle diseases.

Those who are a lover of organic farm products and buy organic food products online, original organic spice would be their one of the topmost priority. As everyone knows spices can make or break the food taste.  

Organikriti’s collection of pure and healthy spices will convert your ordinary food into its tastiest, aromatic and mouth-watering form.

Did you know Indian cooking can use up to 36 different types of spices?


chilli powder

Did you know organic chilli powder can enhance the flavour of your food by 50%? Organikriti gives you the chilli powder of royal kitchens sourcing organically grown red chillies, sun drying them and then powdering them without any additions. This is the chilli powder closest to that 'Maa ke Hath ka Khana' feel- because Mom always knew best and used pure organic ingredients.

Organic red chilli powder is a good addition for all Indian cuisine. Be it your regular 'Masala aaloo gobhi', 'dal', 'sambar', 'uthappam', or 'Manchurian', Chilli powder will enhance its taste by 100 times. The upside of Organikriti’s Organic chilli powder is also that a little goes a long way. Without additive colours or fillers this chilli powder all1ows you to balance flavour without adding extra portions. 

Buy it if you love organic, homemade and finger-licking food.

Organic Cumin Whole:


A must-use spice for every cuisine whether India, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean, cumin is packed with flavour and digestive goodness. Cumin seeds can be used whole or roasted and powdered; it is also boiled in water to aid digestion. This kitchen staple across the world adds depth and complexity to      recipes, earning its place in the pantries of humble households and Michelin star kitchens. Whether it is Indian curries or Mexican salsa, cumin (or jeera) is a pivotal component to bring everything together. This spice has an earthy, slightly smoky flavour making it an essential spice that we'll continue to use in our cooking for years.

While talking about organic farm products, Organikriti’s organic cumin is farmed using just the organic inputs without any chemicals or genetically modified seeds whatsoever, so that their aroma, flavour and digestive goodness is not contaminated in any way. 

FREE FLOW Himalayan ROCK SALT-    

rock salt

Salt is the magic dust of all food. The right seasoning is the difference between a scrumptious meal and cardboard. Organic salt can reduce the chances of disease and regulate your blood pressure. So, next time, do yourself a flavour and treat yourself to Organikriti’s free flow Himalayan rocksalt all the way from the Indian Himalayas.      

Organikriti offers a range of 9 spices with the power to transform your food with its fresh, preservative-free organic goodness. To bring every meal alive, try our range of single source and blended spices. The complete list is available on our Shop Page

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