Sarveshwar Vyas, an Organic farmer from the quaint village of Lamba in the Tonk district of Rajasthan

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Sarveshwar is the proud owner of 17 acres of Organic land where he grows an array of crops like cumin, mustard, coriander, wheat, moong, urad, masoor, chana, etc. – all of which are certified organic by the Rajasthan State Seeds & Organic Certification Agency (RSSOCA).

Sarveshwar has been an organic farmer for more than a decade now and has been certified for over 6 years. Before transitioning to organic farming, he practiced conventional farming but soon realized the ill effects of chemicals and pesticides. The soil was becoming less fertile, forcing him to use more fertilizers to produce the same crop yields. Concerned about the diminishing health of the land and the negative consequences of pesticides in food, Sarveshwar decided to make the switch to organic farming.

His love for the land and passion for farming is evident in the way he takes care of his crops, ensuring that each yield is of the highest quality. It is with this dedication and care that Sarveshwar grows crops on his land that eventually make their way to your table.

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