Inspiring stories from the Organic farming world

Inspiring stories from the Organic farming world

Sumer Singh Rajawat is a true pioneer of natural farming and a key influencer in the organic farming ecosystem of Rajasthan. He practices traditional Vedic farming in the village of Bhanakpura in Todabhim. With 17 acres of land to his name, Sumer cultivates a diverse array of crops including millets, wheat, methi, chana, garlic, lemon, and other vegetables. But what sets him apart from other farmers is his reliance on ancient Indian techniques for producing his own inputs like Jeevamarut, Dashparni ark, Neem ark, and organic manure.

Sumer's approach to farming is simple yet effective – he relies on raw materials like Dhatura, Indrayan, and other homegrown materials to produce inputs that replace fertilizers and pesticides. This approach has helped revitalize soil while protecting crops from pests. His practices have been yielding remarkable results for the last seven years, with the soil health and biodiversity in the region improving significantly.

To further improve crop yields, Sumer continuously experiments with different inputs and collaborates with other farmers, ayurvedic practitioners, research institutes, and many other organizations. Sumer also practices agroforestry and border cropping, which not only provide natural shade for his crops but also enhance the overall biodiversity of his farm. His enthusiasm for natural farming is truly inspiring and serves as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and harmonious future for all.

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